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IoT Scotland

The Internet of Things (IoT) redefines the notion of connectivity; a transition to a vast, all-encompassing web of interconnected devices which uses data to measure, calculate, evaluate and learn. This network transcends the traditional comprehension of M2M in both capability and scale, linking together billions of devices and integrating everything from tiny remote beacons to large communications networks and energy infrastructure.

The potential of this vast connected network is staggering, and brings forth real capacity to help address some of our most crucial socio-economic concerns. Devices can utilise the data at their disposal to optimise efficiency and help reduce waste. Sensors can pre-empt mechanical breakdowns and determine the most safe and cost-effective time to schedule maintenance and repair. Energy systems can be transformed into smart grids, achieving improved efficiency by ensuring supply is regulated in accordance with actual real-time demand. It is this capacity to harness vast amounts of data to understand problems and identify solutions which underlines the true potential of IoT.

This conference will bring together technologists from industry, academia and government to explore the evolution of the Internet of Things. The programme will contextualise IoT within the current technology landscape and assess the implications for business and wider society. Delegates will hear from an impressive array of thought leaders and benefit from presentations which demonstrate the value of IoT in a practical context.

IoT Scotland will bring together 200 IT Heads and Business Leaders to learn, share and discuss, creating a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

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