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Digital Transformation

Digital technology has made a profound impact on business: it has disrupted organisational structures, created new revenue streams and fundamentally changed the way businesses engage with their customer base. Advancements in analytics, the increasing capability of mobile and the rise of Cloud have completely disrupted traditional models - but the technology only forms half of the picture - transformation requires a change in mindset accompanied by a genuine cultural shift.

Challenge and opportunity

Digital presents both continual challenge and massive opportunity. Businesses must contend with a fast moving landscape fuelled by increasing expectations and fresh competition. Organisations must be fast, agile and adaptable to respond to this constant change and disruption. But in a connected world of viral capability the opportunities are also huge; good products and innovative thinking can spread at a rapid pace, offering instant reward for those that can harness digital channels effectively.

Mediocrity is doomed

In a world where attention spans are short and customer loyalty is fleeting, mediocrity is doomed. Everything from product design to application and service delivery must be geared to deliver a user experience which exceeds expectations at every turn.

Utilise your data

Business success is increasingly predicated on the ability to collect, interpret and act upon data. Analysis can provide valuable insight and intelligence to drive optimisation across operations. Personalisation and behavioural analytics is increasingly used to inform marketing strategies and engagement. Data is also transforming infrastructure, as the growth in IIoT and Industry 4.0 will attest - from optimising the supply chain to predictive maintenance scheduling.

Digital Transformation 2017

This conference will bring together technologists, digital leaders and marketers to discuss business transformation. The programme will feature an array of informative presentations, giving a practical insight on key areas of digital strategy and implementation. The event will also offer a unique opportunity to share best practice and discuss the issues that matter to you in a friendly, open forum.

Some businesses let digital happen around them, others embrace the challenge and are actively addressing the culture, skills, people and processes that will drive their success.

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