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yber attacks have been hitting the headlines for years; but in spite of the risks, the reputational damage and the rising cost of fines, there is still an endless stream of businesses being exposed for security failings. ​ ​The scale of the problem is vast: Accenture’s recent 2016 Global Security Report highlighted “an astounding level of breaches” with the organisations surveyed facing more than 80 targeted attacks every year, of which a third were successful. Much has been made of the evolving threat landscape and increasing sophistication of attacks. But whilst there is evidence to support the growing complexity of the challenge, all too often the analysis of these high-profile attacks determines basic, foundational security principles were ignored. ​ ​Some commentators argue that the persistence of failings is a direct reflection of organisational priorities, and that while businesses may talk a good game, security is not yet given the attention that it requires at board level. This leaves CISOs and IT leaders fighting a losing battle to secure adequate attention and investment for an area of the business which does not generate revenue. ​ ​This conference will look at raising security standards across the business, exploring some of the most persistent problems from IT infrastructure to staff engagement. Amidst a backdrop of perpetual media hysteria, turbulent markets and looming regulatory change, it can prove difficult to establish a coherent picture of the threat, never mind what action to take. The conference will help contextualise the challenging landscape and discuss how to deliver meaningful improvements and end to end organisational resilience.

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